The One That Understands Completely. . .

Having seen this video on the Graun’s website, (h/t to OH) I now completely understand why it can lead to imprisonment when you take photographs of a police officer.

I now completely understand why Jack Straw has arranged it so that when you are killed by the State, a whitewash enquiry can be held in camera and without any accountablility at all.

I now completely understand why the police officer in question has his/her face covered by a scarf (nothing to hide, nothing to fear?) and has no distinguishing markings face on.

I now completely understand that the IPCC will condemn these actions, but that any consequences will be limited.

I fail to understand why one human being could act in such a cowardly fashion towards an unarmed, passive and compliant member of the public.

I fail to understand why that officer’s colleagues stood around and did not assist the gentleman in question, nor remonstrate with their colleague.

I now completely understand that the police in the UK have abandoned the Peelian Principles and do not serve the community that pays for them, but the political class who control them.

I also completely understand that there is only one way that police states ever finish, and it is never pretty.

The One That Wonders Why It Didn’t Kick Off. . .

Amazing scenes in news rooms up and down the country today as editors wandered around with shell-shocked looks on their faces, as reporters emailed in copy and beamed in TV reports that showed today’s demonstrations in London which spectacularly failed to ‘kick-off’.

Brown must be crapping himself, if it doesn’t kick off during the G20 meeting, or at any point between now and May next year, he’ll have to go the polls, and won’t be able to postpone it with the Civil Contingencies Act.

Somewhere there’s a shabbily dressed, one-eyed Scot with a quivering arsehole. Why can’t the proles be trusted to rise up when provoked? Perhaps it was because the weather was so shitty today. . .