It’s nothing to do with you.

I wonder what is going on in the tiny minds of MP’s sometimes. Actually, I wonder what is going on in there most of the time.

The country is a bloody mess, mainly down to their incessant meddling. Babies get sent home from hospital with dummies taped to their face, whilst others who go in fairly healthy for some minor surgery get an infection and snuff it. Not content with that, some practitioners take it upon themselves to decide who lives and who dies in their care. Sure the managers are to blame, but who is giving the orders? Politicians.

Our armed forces get their numbers cut, yet find themselves active in more and more theatres across the world. Now it looks as if we’ll be sending troops into Mali. The reasoning behind this seems to be that we haven’t really pissed people off in Africa for a long time and it is time we went and got involved in yet another conflict that doesn’t concern us. It seems to me it is the MP’s who go running off to some fly-blown hell hole at the drop of a hat. I’m fairly sure the brass would be happy staying put in Aldershot and Catterick.

Our children leave school functionally illiterate and innumerate, and the political class rail against the ‘inequalities’ between the private and public sector schools, despite most of them being products of the former with no intention of letting their kids get involved in the latter. I read a story recently where a school changed the names of their form classes to the planets of the solar system from figures such as Wellington and Nelson. The reasoning behind this was that the kids didn’t know who Wellington was. Well they bloody should. Perhaps if less time were spent agonising over the Indian partition and the religious sensibilities therein and more time spent teaching about Boudicca, Alfred the Great and Montgomery, then the kids might be a little more on the ball. Politicians cannot help but declare they know what kids should be learning, how they should be doing it, and that results are better than ever.

This morning the calls have come again for a fizzy drink tax, for the good of the children. Note that the kids won’t pay this tax, their parents will, or they’ll just be lifted from the shelves in a clandestine manner. The drink will still get drunk. What these people campaigning for this tax want is the money. There was some simpering arsewipe on Sky News this morning talking about something along the lines of a ‘Childrens’ future fund’.

Yeah, right. Of course a handling fee will need to be added, those kiddies’ futures aren’t going to manage themselves, are they? At every turn we are beset with people who demand cash in the most cynical terms so they can do ‘something’ without actually accomplishing anything. Why would they want to accomplish anything? If the problem goes away, so does their funding. The money isn’t a means to an end, it is the end itself. And these bastards continually employ emotional blackmail against us so they can do it with our money. I hate them, it is a boiling, sulphurous pot of rage – it makes me very, very angry indeed. The politicians listen and nod sagely at the demands of these people who are paid with our money as they shriek for more of the same. It is seen as something being done.

And then, if this meddling, nannying, thoughtless carrying on wasn’t enough, I wake up this morning to discover that the group of people who have been found submitting fraudulent expenses claims, submitting claims that looked fraudulent but were actually within the rules they made themselves, who will represent their constituents only if it does not go against what is in the best interests of their party, financial backers or their own naked self interest, and are responsible for the financial mess we find ourselves in, have decided that the FA isn’t doing things properly.

This is arrogance of the most shocking order.

I’m almost at a loss for words.

The culture, media and sport select committee believes the Premier League wields too much influence over the game in England and had ordered reforms.

Its concerns cover financial management, the balance of power between the Premier League and the FA and major financial risk-taking.

An MP actually put this out. How did they keep a straight face?

Now, as rotten and corrupt as the governance of the world game is, it takes chutzpah of staggering proportions for a group of MP’s to start throwing stones about this.

It is nothing to do with you. Nothing at all. The game is not publicly funded. Whilst it is popular, it is not part of public life, it is not a necessity that needs regulating. The league system is comprised of 92 private businesses working together, some will be well run, some will be poorly run, some will be run by crooks. None of it is of any concern to parliament at all.

So stupid, so self absorbed are these people, so convinced are they by their own sense of magnificence, that they think they can legislate to nobble an organisation they think is too powerful.

Well, firstly, if there’s an organisation you want to nobble because it is too powerful, try going after the one in Brussels, not Sloane Square.

Secondly, given your track record over the last couple of hundred years, it seems likely to me that any item of legislation you shit out will only make things worse, because it will be reactionary, ill thought out, loaded with an agenda, full of loopholes and will likely have the opposite effect to that intended. You see the big football clubs are rich, they can afford lawyers who will run rings around the treasury solicitors.

Finally, as they have proven in the past, FIFA will go to war with any government that forces itself onto the game. In case you hadn’t noticed, FIFA president Sepp Blatter doesn’t like us very much. He doesn’t like the fact that the Home Nations have so many seats on the big committees. He doesn’t like the fact that our media regularly exposes his malfeasance. He doesn’t like the fact that we created a song and dance over not getting the World Cup. He doesn’t like the Premier League’s success. FIFA can and will suspend the FA if the government gets involved. That means no England games, no World Cup, that means UEFA would also have to exclude England and English clubs from continental competition as well.

So, why not worry about your bloody mess, rather than somebody else’s?

Arseclowns. What are these morons for?

(Post script: Internet problems persist. The old pixie who didn’t work at all has been replaced with a new pixie who seems to be a radical militant trade unionist. So now the internet works fine during the day, but will not in the evenings and at weekends. An engineer is due today with a magic internet pixie defibrillator.)

4 thoughts on “It’s nothing to do with you.

  1. I too saw the utter hoon on SKY news this morning and agree with your sentiments entirely.

  2. Dear Mr Snowolf

    They have to keep poking their noses into everything, otherwise they will run out of things to do and we taxpayers will start wondering why we are paying them full time salaries to do part time work.

    It’s all about the money and being seen ‘doing something’ to justify it.

    So we have one full time parliament busy making about 20% of our laws and another 4 (four) full time parliament equivalents in the EU making the other 80%. Just what every country needs – 5 parliaments busy making laws, rules, regulations and squandering taxpayers’ time and money.


  3. There is already a Childrens’ Future Fund courtesy of the cretins in Parliament.

    Unfortunately, it’s badly in the red and it’s called Government Debt. THAT’s why they need to tax the kiddies Coca Cola.

  4. I’ve said it before several times…

    And at risk of repeating myself, here goes…

    Budding politicians give themselves away when in school.

    Teacher asks if anyone wants to be the milk/chair/register/something monitor…

    The same few hands are always first up…

    At this point, a bullet to the head should solve the problem…

    No more politicians jockeying for position…

    Instead, anyone that is burdened with the task of doing political work should need to be dragged unwillingly to their waiting office, and threatened with death every time they try to escape.

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