You’re doing what?

As I sit here, the Conservatives have lost a quarter of the councils they held before yesterday’s elections, haemorrhaging 300 councillors, the Lib Dems have been shipping councillors like they’re about to be made taxable. Labour have made a lot of capital, but this is in no way down to their excellence, it merely serves to underline the fact that they are not despised as much as the sitting government. Given their record in power and the general uselessness of Miliband, I can only question the sanity of people who turn out to vote for them if they honestly think there would be any improvement on offer from last term or the current government.

As their world falls down around their ears, you’d have thought that both top tables in the Tories and Lib Dems would be looking at what they’ve done to be so unpopular. I said at the time that the last general election was a good one to lose, and hasn’t that been proven true? A combination of utter stupidity, lack of thought and an inherited cluster fuck that even an extreme porn site would have second thoughts about putting online has done for them.

Instead of examining the reasons why they’re so unpopular and taking steps to redress that, they’ve decided that they’re going to meet with ISPs to discuss porn. Obviously for fear that the clusterfuck they’ve been involved in gets seen by a seven year old on a computer.

Yes, there is now a ‘consultation’, which means. . . well, we all know what it means, don’t we? Rather than sorting out rising inflation, huge fuel prices, high taxes, low employment, an increasing contribution to the EU and World Bank, a deficit of democracy both in Westminster and Brussels, an education system that doesn’t educate, power hungry civil servants in local authorities, inappropriate relations with media moguls, corruption, and a whole host of other things, they’ve actually decided to spend their time bullying ISPs because some sites show smut and some parents don’t supervise their children on computers and mobile comms devices, don’t password protect their machines or don’t use freely available screening software. This is like calling out the paper mill because someone left a copy of Razzle in a hedge.

If they think that is important, especially in light of the results coming in now, I can only assume that not only are they not fit to hold power (which is the case), but I must also assume that they don’t actually want it.

It seems to me that the politicians’ contempt for our opinions has now reached a point where they don’t care if we vote for them or not, they really are as mad as cheese. As we’re seeing today, that can have only one outcome.

I will point out that UKIP have polled around 15% where they’ve stood, and this constitutes around about a 6% swing in their favour. And to be honest, I’ve not been that impressed with their campaign here. What would they get if they tried? I guess we’ll see during the Europeans.

One thought on “You’re doing what?

  1. Why should they care when they’re going to be funded by the taxpayer anyway? Nice job that.

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